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15 tips to save costs during your wedding

15 tips to save costs during your wedding

  • Inspired by couple who got married during lockdown to benefit from reduced guest lists during the Pandemic

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Image credits: Cover image: Everton Vila from Unsplash.com. Photos from pexels.com: Fast food Photo by Улака Улака; senior couple photo by alex green, gay hands photo and masked couple photo by cottonbro, royalty photo by krishna studio, rings by megapixelstock, backless dress photo by oratto official, flat cake photo by splitshire, wiered theme wedding photo by leishman, backyard wedding photo by transtudios, lone honeymoon photo by wendy hero Honeymoon dragging bag Photo by Andrea Piacquadio. Photos from unsplash.com: shoes below ogown photo by kadarius seegars, high heels photo by Marcus lewis, elope photo by mehran hadad

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