Miniature Cake Model – Handmade art with custom name plus bottled message!


Cutest cake ever?

(Clay Art – NOT Edible)

This Miniature hand-made custom cake model is a great gift to your friend. Or spouse. Or absolutely anyone whom you want to give a cute surprise!

We all subconsciously love cute little miniatures – ones that look accurately like their real-life versions. Be it a birthday, an anniversary or a promotion, this is an ideal gift because it is custom-made by our artists with the name of the person written on it. Plus, this is also a fridge-magnet, or desk-magnet for their office cubicle. With your custom message, delivered in a cute little glass bottle!

Everyone has fridge-magnets, but none with their own name on it.


And a cute message-in-a-bottle to remind them why you gave it to them. People love their names, and this cute cake will make people remember that you make their life special.

IMPORTANT: Finalize the message on the cake and bottle, BEFORE adding to cart. Please read the instructions at the bottom of this Description, and then ‘Add to Cart’

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  1. Please check the messages and spellings before you click on ‘add to cart’
  2. Order the cake at least 5 to 7 days in advance of the target delivery date. Ideally, you can place the cake order up to 3 months earlier and we will deliver it as close to the target date as possible.
  3. Message on the Bottle will be handwritten, so that your message is delivered with a personal touch. No extra charges for ‘message in a bottle’.
  4. The courier charge for the entire order will be Rs. 49/- for delivery ANYWHERE in India. Price INCLUDES taxes. NO hidden costs are applicable.
  5. If you want to hand over the cake yourself, you can order it at your own address. In such a case, if you want to write the message yourself inside the bottle, mention <blank message> while filling the form
  6. If you add other gifts to the same order, there will NOT be any increase in shipping charge. But those items will be delivered as a separate shipment, as the cake is custom-made and shipped separately.
  7. Email us at for any issues you may face.