Mini-Dustbin For Cars And Work-Desks, With Flip Cover


Cleanliness is next to godliness, so why not keep our surroundings clean? This mini-dustbin will help you de-clutter your space very easily

  • Super convenient for cars even during short journeys, to throw food wrappers or any other waste
  • Fits into your car’s coffee cup holders or doors
  • Use on workspace on desktop to remain focused on work instead of disturbing yourself for using a faraway dustbin

Country of Origin : India



You can place this mini trash can in your car, vehicle, office desk, home office, or any place you want! It has high durability and good quality. Push-the-spring design makes it easy to trash-in.

You can remove the ‘can’ to retrofit garbage bags, to facilitate cleaning, loading, and unloading easily- in a matter of a few minutes!

You can place it inside your car, use it to trash peel, wastepaper, etc. Very easy to use. It fits most of the car-holders and is lightweight. Have one for your car, home space, desk, or anywhere now!


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